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Do you need specific open source DevOps expertise e.g. for your migration or implementation project or for standard administrative tasks? We are happy to help you find the best solution.

Why choose ITGilde Consulting?

ITGilde Consulting consists of independent entrepreneurs with open source expertise, network expertise, security expertise and ICT project managers. They have united themselves in the ITGilde Cooperative.

What makes them unique?

Looking beyond borders

Our professionals are specialists in open source, but look beyond borders. An application does not stand by itself in an organization, so Azure, AWS and CyberArk specialists are also part of ITGilde.


IITGilde professionals are all independent entrepreneurs who understand the power of collaboration. They can turn to each other for substantive issues, new assignments and for business issues.

Continuous learning

ITGilde professionals are intrinsically motivated to keep developing. Moreover, they have access to all training courses of ITGilde Academy, this guarantees up-to-date expertise among the members.

Which IT challenge can we solve for you?

We believe in the power of cooperation

ITGilde doesn’t have employees. We only work with professionals who are intrinsically motivated to deliver the best quality and strive to exceed expectations. Our professionals always want to keep learning, they support each other, give each other feedback and keep each other up-to-date on the latest developments in IT.

Our professionals take this intrinsic motivation and behaviour to every assignment at the customers.

Some of our professionals also contribute their expertise as teachers of ITGilde Academy. Practical experience is therefore part of our training and is therefore also shared during ITGilde meetings.

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